We are specialists in sourcing and applying Human Performance Technology

About Us

DTS International specialises in sourcing and applying Human Performance Technology.

Human Performance Technology includes models, resources, systems and tools to help people and organisations reach their potential.

Some of our tools include the:
TriMetrix System,
TTI Emotional Quotient,
Mentoring Partnerships and many more.

As a business, we believe that with the right tools, support and resources you will be able to achieve the outcomes you desire. That is why, in everything we do, we build in the support and resources to make your job easy. At the end of the day, we see that it's our job to make your job easy. We do this by taking the boring, time consuming and difficult tasks off your hands to allow you to focus on what you do best!

Armed with the right tools, support and resources, our customers are well equipped to tackle most organisational challenges with regard to their people.

We have two main customer types we tend to work with:
1. Internal HR, L&D and OD Professionals and
2. External Trainers Coaches and Consultants.

We work with each group slightly differently, as outlined below:

Internal HR, L&D and OD Professionals
We work with some of Australia’s leading companies by partnering with their internal HR, L&D and OD teams to deploy their organisational strategies. We have assisted many teams of internal professionals to implement training and development initiatives, apply assessment tools to business functions such as selection, and by helping provide turn-key solutions through our network of more than 100 partners around Australia and New Zealand.

External Trainers, Coaches and Consultants
We work with some of Australia’s top trainers, coaches and consultants through our partner network. We work with this group by creating and sourcing the very best tools and resources the world has to offer, training them on how to apply them in their business, and then supporting them as they help their own clients reach their potential.

Our Commitment to You - If we can’t help, we will help find someone that can!

If you are developing tools, systems or processes for selecting, developing and managing people effectively in your organisation, chances are good we will have some tools and resources to help. If we cannot help, we will happily help you find someone that can!

DTS International - Doug Malouf - Director

Doug Malouf


DTS International began as Dougmal Training Systems – as setup in 1981 by our CEO, Doug Malouf. Today we just go by 'DTS'.

Having also founded Dougmal Real Estate, Doug became popular for his fun and interactive brand of sales and communication training. From those early days as a modest training company, DTS has since grown to become one of the largest assessment providers in the country.

Doug is recognised as one of the world’s best trainers and inspirational speakers, having been inducted into the National Speakers Association (NSA) hall of fame. He has made over 2,500 corporate presentations, authored 9 books and there are more than 300,000 people worldwide using his ideas.

DTS International - Trevor O’Sullivan - Director

Trevor O’Sullivan


In 2002 Doug recruited Trevor, a university student at the time. Trevor worked his way up through DTS in a number of functions from part time office support, as a recruitment consultant, business development, and eventually became General Manager and Director.

In this time, Trevor is honoured to have worked with some of Australia’s leading thinkers on human performance. Under Trevor's leadership the DTS business has grown significantly to become the 7th largest Success Insights Master Distributor in the world. He has personally worked with hundreds of trainers, coaches and consultants to help them build their businesses by utilising the DTS suite of tools.

Looking toward the future, Trevor and the team at DTS are focused on building tools and resources to help individuals and organisations reach their potential. The idea of these tools and resources will always be to make your job easier by bringing world's best practice to you in a way that is simple, effective and easy to use.