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The Science of Self Accreditation

Why the Science of Self™ Accreditation?

As organisations are faced with more complex human challenges, it is important to have access to a comprehensive set of tools that identify and define the root of human interactions.

The answer to the question, Why the Science of Self™ Accreditation? lies in the old saying, "If you only have a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail." Because if you only have one tool (or one viewpoint), it becomes the lens through which you see everything else. This is limiting. Add more depth to your understanding of complicated human issues by using the complete toolkit offered through the Science of Self™ accreditation.

“If you only have a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail! Our Science of Self™ Accreditation will expand your viewpoint.”

What is the Science of Self Accreditation?

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About the Science of Self™ Accreditation:

The Science of Self™ Accreditation gives you 3 Accreditations in 2 days:

1. DISC Accreditation: DISC is a four (4) factor model that explains how we behave and communicate. It is one of the most applicable models in personal and organisational development. For this reason, DISC is one of the world's most popular assessment tools.

2. Workplace Motivators Accreditation: Go beyond the DISC assessment to truly understand "what makes people tick." The Motivators Model is backed by decades of research, uncovering 6 core elements that drive human behaviour.

3. TTI Emotional Quotient (EQ) Accreditation: Our Emotional Quotient Accreditation is internationally recognised and will equip you with the world's most practical and business-focussed set of emotional intelligence resources available. White


Who Will Benefit?

It is easy to say everyone will benefit (because it's true), but certainly after 30 years in the assessment business, we can identify the two main groups of people who work with us most:

Internal Professionals Human Resources Organisational Development Learning and Development

External Professionals Recruiters Trainers Coaches Consultants

The people who come to us most often, and therefore benefit most frequently, work with organisations to recruit, select, develop and manage the performance of great people. That being said, these clients apply the assessment tools and their accreditation knowledge to division heads, frontline managers, middle managers and senior leaders to name a few - all of whom benefit.

What Will You Get?

The true value of the Science of Self™ Accreditation is the fact that you receive specially-designed combinations of tools that complement and build on one another, giving you the ability to blend across different aspects of human interactions in your line of work.

You will walk away with access to six assessments:

DISC Motivators TTI Emotional Quotient (EQ) Behavioural Intelligence Talent Insights TriMetrix EQ

You will also walk away with:

The DISC Facilitator's Guide DISC Manual Motivators Manual The EQ Facilitator's Guide 200+ DISC Workbook/Activity Pages 200+ EQ Workbook/Activity Pages 200+ Motivators Workbook/Activity Pages 300+ PowerPoints slides DISC Styles Game & Activity Belts Your Personalised 60+ Page Profile Comprehensive Resources USB

All of our accreditation programs includes a private follow-up session to help you understand and apply the tools to your specific situation.

How to get accredited:

Public Program

The Science of Self™ Accreditation (DISC + Motivators + EQ) 2-Day Public Program Investment: $3750 + GST per person

Sydney 5-6 May 2020 Melbourne 12-13 May 2020 Brisbane 19-20 May 2020 Sydney 23-24 June 2020 Auckland 29-30 June 2020 Melbourne 7-8 July 2020 Brisbane 14-15 July 2020 Sydney 4-5 August 2020 Melbourne 18-19 August 2020 Sydney 22-23 September 2020 Melbourne 13-14 October 2020 Perth 20-21 October 2020 Brisbane 10-11 November 2020 Sydney 17-18 November 2020 Melbourne 1-2 December 2020

In-House Program

Some of our clients choose to have our accreditation programs run in-house. This option is available for groups with a minimum of 5 participants. The in-house option is particularly suited to HR, L&D and training teams within larger organisations that want some personalisation in their accreditation. This option is also suitable for consulting/training companies with a team of facilitators.

To discuss an in-house Science of Self™ Accreditation option, call us to speak with our friendly team.

Facilitated Online

Our online accreditation programs are delivered through a series of facilitated webinars. This option is available for people who cannot attend one of our scheduled public accreditation programs, but who still want the opportunity to be accredited.

To discuss the online accreditation option, call us to speak with our friendly team.

DTS International - Need Help?

Need Help?

To book your Science of Self™ Accreditation, there are no detailed registration forms. Simply call our friendly team on 02 9360 5111 or email