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TriMetrix Certification

Why TriMetrix Certification?

Because when people want the most comprehensive and long-lasting investment into their personal understanding and professional development, the TriMetrix system is the most powerful option. A sophisticated combination of assessments, the TriMetrix covers more layers of human performance than any other model in the world.

The TriMetrix report delivers insight into your personal potential by measuring your behaviours, motivators and capabilities - and then most importantly, identifying your natural balance of traits that enables you to develop or compensate for any limitations.

Our TriMetrix Certification will provide you with the knowledge, resources and support you need to effectively apply the TriMetrix system in your organisation.

“TriMetrix covers more layers of human performance than any other model in the world.”

What is TriMetrix Certification?

For such a robust tool, DTS offers three levels of certification to suite your varying needs (e.g. mentoring, recruitment and selection, or larger-scale trainings).

"We have developed three distinct levels of certification to ensure the professionals working with TriMetrix have the necessary knowledge, resources and support to effectively apply it."

Level 1 TriMetrix Certification The Level 1 TriMetrix certification is designed to empower you with the skills to use TriMetrix one on one in a coaching and mentoring capacity. The Certification lays the all important foundation of knowledge for the TriMetrix and later certification programs.

Level 2 TriMetrix Certification The Level 2 TriMetrix Certification builds on the knowledge gained in Level One to equip participants with the skills in working with our patented Position Benchmarking process and using TriMetrix System in selection. In addition this certification level also provides participants with advanced recruitment and selection methodologies.

Level 3 TriMetrix Certification The Level 3 TriMetrix Certification takes your knowledge to new heights. This certification establishes the framework, methods and processes for using TriMetrix in large group debriefs and presentations.

TriMetrix increases your understanding of personal talents, thereby optimising organisational and personal performance.

Who Will Benefit?

It is easy to say everyone will benefit (because it's true), but certainly after 30 years in the assessment business, we can identify the two main groups of people who work with us most:

Internal Professionals Human Resources Organisational Development Learning and Development

External Professionals Recruiters Trainers Coaches Consultants

The people who come to us most often, and therefore benefit most frequently, work with organisations to recruit, select, develop and manage the performance of great people. That being said, these clients apply the assessment tools and their accreditation knowledge to division heads, frontline managers, middle managers and senior leaders to name a few - all of whom benefit.

TriMetrix Community of Best Practice

People who complete the TriMetrix certification programs successfully have studied, been assessed and will be supported into the future. This concept is the foundation of our Community of Best Practice and Excellence.

The potential for the TriMetrix System make a positive impact on people and organisations is enormous here in Australia and around the globe. As you start communicating the TriMetrix message to clients, colleagues, friends and family you will see how quickly the momentum can build and the places it can take you.

By speaking one language and communicating a common message we can protect the integrity of the tool and the professionals who use it. Certification ensures that you have the professional understanding and depth of knowledge to draw on so you are able to get the results you are looking for.

How to get accredited:

Public Program

The program is delivered in a series of weekly workshops that address each of the modules outlined on the last page. The entire process usually takes about 16‐20 weeks and is dependent on a number of factors (i.e. availability of the participants, holidays, breaks etc).

The initial kick off workshop is held in one of our facilities in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne. The subsequent 15‐18 workshops will be held online using our blended learning solution. This is an online facilitated classroom that allows participants to interact with the group and facilitators, while not having to leave home/the office.

The TriMetrix Certification is usually run twice annually on a needs basis. If you're interested in becoming Trimetrix Certified give our friendly team a call to register you interest and be advised of upcoming training dates.

DTS International - Need Help?

Need Help?

To book your TriMetrix Certification there are no detailed registration forms, simply call our friendly team on 02 9360 5111 or email [email protected]