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Workplace Motivators Accreditation

Why Workplace Motivators Accreditation?

Because clearly articulating passion and purpose requires an appreciation of one's intrinsic drivers and motivators. With that understanding, a person can then tap into their potential by doing work that is meaningful and aligned with their personal values.

The Workplace Motivators (WPMOT) assessment provides a language and model to speak knowledgeably and clearly about "what makes me tick." WPMOT goes deep into identifying what moves a person into action. (Imagine understanding what propels a customer to buy or understanding how to inspire a team member.)

Backed by more than 25 years of research and development, the WPMOT is an evidence-based model that goes where other assessments can't - the core of why we do what we do.

“WPMOT is an evidence-based model that goes where other assessments can't - the core of why we do what we do.”

What is Workplace Motivators Accreditation?

This accreditation gives you a complete understanding of the WPMOT model, as well as the practical application of the WPMOT assessment to identify underlying motivators and apply that knowledge to achieve a purpose. Our WPMOT Accreditation is an internationally recognised, one-day interactive program that will equip you with the world's most informed and up-to-date set of resources available.

The WPMOT is a six factor model that categorises and explains why we move into action. It is for this reason that WPMOT is often implemented in conjunction with the DISC assessment, creating the complete picture how we act and why.

It's one thing to understand who you are at the surface level - your behaviours that everyone sees. But what can't they see? Peel away layers of who you are and understand the drivers for your actions and beliefs. Become accredited in WPMOT and help others to appreciate these layers and achieve their potential in fulfilling and meaningful work.

"You will receive over 200 workbook pages, 150 PowerPoint slides and a full Facilitator's Guide to use in your own WPMOT based initiatives!"

With our 30 years of experience, we have created the most thorough, customisable and user friendly WPMOT resources in the world. When you attend our WPMOT Accreditation, all of these resources are included in the price of your accreditation.

To ensure you have the confidence and understanding you need to apply the WPMOT assessment, we also include a private follow-up session to help design your first training, interprete your first WPMOT profile and clarify any questions. Again this is all included in the price of accreditation!

Who Would Benefit?

It is easy to say everyone will benefit (because it's true), but certainly after 30 years in the assessment business, we can identify the two main groups of people who work with us most:

Internal Professionals Human Resources Organisational Development Learning and Development

External Professionals Recruiters Trainers Coaches Consultants

The people who come to us most often, and therefore benefit most frequently, work with organisations to recruit, select, develop and manage the performance of great people. That being said, these clients apply the assessment tools and their accreditation knowledge to division heads, frontline managers, middle managers and senior leaders to name a few - all of whom benefit.

What Will You Get?

Your WPMOT Accreditation includes the world's most comprehensive and flexible guide - the DTS WPMOT Resources Kit and Facilitator's Guide. You receive more than 200 workbook pages customised to include your organisation's information, PowerPoint slides, research and validation data and much more. For a full list of inclusions see the "Inclusions" section on the right.

"The complimentary private session will give you hands on experience reading and debriefing profiles while clarifying any questions that you may have."

As a part of your WPMOT Accreditation, we include a complimentary private session with one of our experts to take you through the resources you received, WPMOT reports, debriefing techniques and more. The content and timing of this session is guided by your needs. This session will give you more confidence with WPMOT debriefing, allow you to practice with profile reading, help you plan your approach to integrating WPMOT into your personal circumstance and clarify any questions.

How to get accredited:

Public Program

Motivators Accreditation is attained through the Science of Self Accreditation.

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