12 Driving Forces™

12 Driving Forces™

A motivator (or value) is a cluster of beliefs with a similar underlying pattern or idea that we believe to be fundamentally important. Our primary motivators help determine what gives us joy, happiness, energy and purpose — at work and in life.

Our strongest motivators provide us with a continuous source of motivation to seek out their fulfilment. They are also the source of dissatisfaction when they are violated or ignored.

12 Driving Forces™ explores the question: WHY do we move into action? It is the most advanced assessment released by TTISI to date looking at personal motivators or engagers. Where the earlier Motivators profile only looked at 6 core human motivators, Driving Forces now expands these out to 12 factors.

The 12 Driving Forces™ profile takes you a step beyond the standard behavioural assessment to dive deeper into the world of personal values. There are 12 drivers measured by the assessment: 12 Driving Forces™ Infographic White The Driving Forces™ report also includes feedback on what a person should try to avoid based on his or her motivators. TTI’s brain-based research confirms that this has a deep subconscious impact on our decision making.

People connect with certain tasks, ideas, and people for a variety of personal reasons. When we have a framework to understand why people move to action, we are better equipped to influence, engage and lead others. However, understanding a person's motives is only one piece of the puzzle. With more information, we can have a much greater impact, and this is where our "multi-science" assessments come in.

When we only use 12 Driving Forces™ (or any single-dimensional assessment), we only have one perspective to understand people. By combining the DISC assessment with the 12 Driving Forces™ assessment (known as Talent Insights®), we have not only WHY a person moves into action but HOW they will attempt to satisfy these motivators. Visit our partner webpage to learn more about completing a multi-science accreditation with the Science of Self™. White


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