7 Trends Every HR Manager Needs To Know

7 Trends Every HR Manager Needs To Know

The recent findings of “The Conference Board CEO Challenge” (a global survey of CEOs, presidents, and chairmen to identify their most critical challenges) has resulted in Human Capital being the top challenge for 2013.

Human Capital

These results are echoed in the recent release of Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends 2013 report, which identifies that talent and leadership gaps have become a top business challenge this year. Deloitte’s year-long research effort focused on the threats and opportunities faced in particular by HR professionals.

The Deloitte researchers focused on 7 top trends that they believe should be on every HR manager’s radar.

1. Thinking like an economist 2. The open talent economy 3. Innovating the talent brand 4. Creating an elastic workplace 5. Finding the silver lining in the talent gap 6. Debunking the Superman Myth 7. The performance management puzzle

By initiating the crucial conversations around these Human Capital Trends for 2013, leaders can zero in on the trends most closely linked to their business strategy and make informed decisions about where to focus attention and resources to create value. White

Central Message: “Today’s HR leader has to think like an economist—someone who studies and directs the allocation of finite resources. In the global economy, talent is one of those scarce resources… Business is more complex, moves faster, and is more competitive than before. Senior leaders don’t only have tougher decisions to make—they also have new kinds of decisions to make. The data, skills, and methodology of the classical economist can help an HR leader answer that call.”

Forbes published a recent piece on these findings called “Why HR Managers Need to Think Like Economists.” White

Something Nifty: We also particularly liked this figure from “The performance management puzzle.” (p23)


Download the full 27 page report: Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends 2013 deloitte report

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