Aon Hewitt Announces Best Employers 2013

Aon Hewitt Announces Best Employers 2013

Aon Hewitt had two notable announcements in the last month. The first was the release of the Trends in Global Employee Engagement 2013 report, and the second was their annual Best Employers list. (Leading research on organisations with the highest levels of employee engagement and the best people practices.)

Of the 125 organisations reviewed, involving data from over 100,000 employees, the following 19 made Aon Hewitt’s Best Employers List of 2013 (Australia & New Zealand):

Best Employers 2013

These companies are not just those with employees that score the highest on job happiness surveys, but are recognised as high-performance organisations with outstanding scores in four core talent management priorities:

Employee engagement Committed leadership High performance culture Differentiated employment branding

White Marriott Hotels & Resorts achieved "Best of the Best" status, as an organisation that has demonstrated excellence across all key areas.

For more details about what it takes to be a Best Employer, see the full PowerPoint presentation.

White Smartsalary: What a Best Employer Looks Like DTS would like to congratulate Smartsalary on their continued success as a Best Employer. Our MD, Trevor, was at Smartsalary just last week to put members of their HR team through a special 3-day Accelerated Accreditation, and he would agree that they are one of the best HR teams he’s had the privilege of working with.

Smartsalary was founded in 2001 and have since become Australia’s most awarded Salary Packaging company, having been described as the easiest company to do business with in Australia. In fact, they were the 2012 national winner of the Service Excellence Award by the Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA) in the medium business category — a huge honour.

White Engagement on the Rise: Smartsalary has been measuring engagement with Aon Hewitt for the past several years, during which time its engagement has steadily increased.

Engagement on the rise

Gallup have found that in most Western economies like Australia, staff engagement scores for most businesses rate around the 20% mark — that’s right, only 1 in 5 employees in Australia is considered to be “engaged” — while around 80% are either not engaged or totally disengaged.

White Engagement at the Foundation of Business Strategy: Smartsalary’s business strategy is neatly defined and represented through its strategy triangle. At the base of the triangle is employee engagement — it sets the foundation. The heart of the triangle depicts key values and operational strategies, including lean, agile and innovative, and the top represents the ultimate validation: customer loyalty.

Smartsalary engagement diagram

Smartsalary’s focus on engagement has driven increasing revenues, customer satisfaction and profits consistently since business inception.

White Working at Smartsalary: A short video highlighting the people and culture at Smartsalary:

White White


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