Case Study: Industry Body - Mentoring Program

Case Study: Industry Body - Mentoring Program

Type of Company: Prominent Industry Body for Women.

The Background: This organisation holds events and activities throughout the year to support, encourage and inspire women in business. Part of this support involves running mentoring programs for young leaders.

DTS were asked to create a mentoring program and associated resource material for use with its members as a part of their mentoring offering for female professionals.

The Problem: Over many years, the organisation had accumulated a wide variety of mentoring material, with many different training designs, frameworks and thoughts; however, the content had grown very large and difficult to work with.

DTS was asked to help reduce the amount of content and streamline it into single product quickly, as it was required for an upcoming mentoring program with 20 leaders.

The key requirements stressed were:

To make the content practical To make the mentoring sessions interactive To provide tools that mentors / mentees could use when working together

The Solution: DTS reviewed all current material from the organisation and developed new material in order to build 3 workshops:

Kick-Off Workshop (Introductions) Mentors Training Session Mentee Training / Networking Session

DTS created a single workbook for mentors and mentees as well as full facilitation notes for the program administrators. The workbooks included a Model Meeting Plan and a Basic Mentoring Model. These would help structure the mentoring conversations, and provide the mentor and mentee with a simple process to follow.

Additionally, the mentors and mentees completed the DISC-Motivators Profile in order the help each pair get to know each other, which was facilitated by an accredited consultant.

The Results: Feedback so far is the content was great. Past program mentors commented on the quality of the new content and facilitation. The program is now being taken nationally with another program to roll-out in Melbourne in July/August. Mentees enjoyed their DISC-Motivators profiles and the associated feedback. More feedback to come as the additional workshops roll-out and surveys conducted.


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