DISC Profile: C is for Compliance

DISC Profile: C is for Compliance

Note: It is important to note we are only talking about the C Style in its "pure" sense. That is, the C Style described in isolation, without considering the effect of the other 3 factors.


Compliance This scale measures how you deal with procedures and constraints.

The higher the score on the C scale, the more the person is likely to abide by rules and regulations. The lower the score on the C scale, the less a person is likely to rely on rules and regulations.

High C's are often described as: Evasive, Worrisome, Careful, Cautious, Conventional, Exacting, Neat, Systematic, Diplomatic, Accurate, Tactful.

Low C's are often described as: Firm, Independent, Self-Willed, Stubborn, Obstinate, Opinionated, Unsystematic, Self-Righteous, Uninhibited, Arbitrary, Unbending, Careless with Details.


General Characteristics Of The “C” Behaviour The “C” behavioural style has strong preference towards procedures and instructions. This style likes to have a set way of doing things, and preferably the best or most proven procedure for getting the best results.

The “C” behavioural style has a tendency to be “by the book”. This style does not like to work in the “grey area”. They prefer to have something or someone to reference to ensure they complete the task or project correctly.

Precision and attention to detail is the “C” behaviour’s primary concern. They will research, test and qualify their ideas, theories and plans. The “C” behavioural style is the true perfectionist in that they must ensure that their work is completed to the absolute best quality possible.

The “C” style has a need for proof and evidence to support ideas, arguments and plans. They will ask for testimonies, references and facts to support any claims any person makes to them.



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