Emotional Intelligence Correlations By Gender, Age, Personality

Emotional Intelligence Correlations By Gender, Age, Personality

It's true, women really do have (slightly) higher Emotional Intelligence than men!

Ok, so that's probably not groundbreaking news, but we do have some EQ stats that you might find interesting.

The following is an extract from the Technical Report on the Emotional Quotient (EQ) tool developed by EQmentor and TTI Success Insights (TTISI).

Gender Correlations: Women are more likely to display a higher amount of overall Emotional Intelligence, interpersonal Emotional Intelligence, intrapersonal Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, and Self-Awareness than men although the difference is small. There are no gender differences in Self-Regulation, Motivation, or Social Skills.

EQ Graph Gender

Age Correlations: Emotional Intelligence, as measured by the Emotional Intelligence Inventory, increases with age.

EQ Graph Age

Personality Correlations: The personality assessment used for the analysis was the EQmentor Personality Inventory.

EQ Graph Personality

Top 3 strongest correlations (in order): 1. Empathy and Agreeableness (considerate/friendly/cooperative) 2. Self-Regulation Emotional Stability (calm/confident; not neurotic) 3. Social Skills and Extraversion (outgoing/energetic)

Inter-correlations: For comparison, inter-correlations of subscales within the EQ Assessment are shown below:

EQ Graph Intercorrelations


Source: EQ Mentor/TTI Emotional Quotient Technical Report


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