Google Lists the 8 Traits of a Great Manager

Google Lists the 8 Traits of a Great Manager

Thank you for coming to this page! This blog post was originally shared on 28 February 2012, and it was refreshed and republished in November 2020 with up to date information and context. Please read the updated article by clicking this link. White Thank you!


“I don't think the list is too simplistic, I think it is spot on and nearly in the right order. I would place number 7 (Vision and Strategy) higher up the order.
I also think there is notone magical way to be a good manager to everyone in every task, you need to overlay this with a Situational Leadership approach too.”

“Thanks for your comment Peter - a great insight on using models like Situational Leadership to adapt our approach to the unique individuals we lead/manager. We appreciate you taking the time to comment!
The DTS Crew”

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