How to Engage My Stakeholders Virtually

How to Engage My Stakeholders Virtually

Engaging stakeholders is different virtually compared to face-to-face. So much of the relationship between you and a stakeholder hinges on trust and communication, and it may be “unfamiliar territory” if you’re building a new virtual relationship with a stakeholder.

We’ve undertaken a desktop review to help you with your virtual relationships, whether it's a long-standing relationship that has gone virtual with remote working, or if it’s a new relationship based only on virtual interaction.

Research indicates that having had at least one in-person meeting will help create trust; however, given COVID-19’s impact on the workplace, that may not be feasible at this point. The following table highlights the thoughtfulness and planning that can help virtual stakeholder relationships.


How to Engage My Stakeholders Virtually This image can be downloaded and shared to your network.

White Leading an effective team is tough in a virtual setting. You may be interested to know that Google researchers studied what made a team effective at Google. The researchers found that “what really mattered was less about who was on the team, and more about how the team worked together.” Read the full article here!

Beyond this table on virtual engagement, you may want to consider your general business presentation skills. Be sure to avoid these 6 mistakes that will ruin your next presentation to your stakeholders. White


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