Layers of Performance (Layer 4: Experience)

Layers of Performance (Layer 4: Experience)

This is part of the Layers of Performance framework: Click Here to read the introduction.

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Our experience is another important component to our ability to perform in our different roles in life. Experience develops from an active involvement in a particular activity. It is putting the knowledge we have acquired into a practice. The more times we have put that knowledge into practice the greater our experience level.

Experience develops over time as we see, and become, more familiar with how knowledge is put into action in different situations. Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of experience, namely:

Technical Experience – This kind of experience is a lot like specialised knowledge. In fact, people often require some form of specialised knowledge to gain technical experience. Technical experience is built from being exposed to particular situations and tasks repeatedly.

Life Experience – This kind of experience is a lot like general knowledge, in that it develops from being exposed to different experiences in one's life. They are non-specific experiences that do not necessarily directly relate to a specialised field.

Experience is an important part of the Layers of Performance framework because we each have the ability to increase our experience in any field by exposing ourselves to it. In order to develop and master different competencies we must first develop experience in applying that competency.

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