Layers of Performance (Overview)

Layers of Performance (Overview)

The Layers of Performance framework provides a language and structure for linking different models of performance together — it also helps to illustrate the idea that there are many different aspects that affect job success, not just one or two.

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Many models have surfaced over the years to try and explain why we are different and how we can be more effective, successful and fulfilled. The challenge faced by many of these models is that they are single dimensional. For example, they may only examine behaviour, or thinking styles, or some other aspect of our personality in isolation. As our understanding of our individuality becomes more robust, these one-dimensional models have started to show their flaws. By only focusing on a single dimension of our personality, we are missing the richness and sophistication that makes each of us who we are. This in turn means we have a narrow lens through which we view the world and make decisions.

For these reasons, the Layers of Performance model is created to give a multi-dimensional perspective. Think of it as an easy visual reference which allows you to navigate through the many aspects that make you who we are. Once equipped with a deeper understanding of each individual layer, as well as how they interact as a whole, you will be able to use this information to make better judgments about yourself and those around you, both personally and professionally.

Is it a complete measure of who we are? Absolutely not! We are still learning so much about the human race. As science grows our understanding of the brain, body, and spirit, we will likely end up with more layers in the framework. It is for this fundamental reason that "Layers" of Performance is named this way. As we develop a new “layer” of understanding, we can slot it in, slide others around, and/or blend it with what we already have in the model.

In summary, the Layers of Performance is a flexible framework that helps both isolate and connect the factors that lead to superior performance.

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Emotional Intelligence / EQ - Do we apply the power of emotional intelligence? Cognitive Ability / IQ - How fast is the "processor" in our mind? Education / Training - What knowledge have we acquired? Experiences - What experiences have we had to make us who we are? Personal Talents - What natural talents do we have at our disposal? Competencies / Skills - Which competencies have we mastered? Intrinsic Motivators - Why do we move into action? Behavioural Patterns - How do we behave and communicate?

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