Motivators Profile: Executive Summary

Motivators Profile: Executive Summary


What is Motivators?

The Motivators (MOT) model is composed of 6 core motivators (or values).

At a glance, these are:

Theoretical: Knowledge, truth, understanding. Utilitarian: Money, practicality, return on investment. Aesthetic: Beauty, balance, harmony. Social: Compassion, kindness, helping others. Individualistic: Power, influence, uniqueness. Traditional: Order, structure, unity.

6 Motivators

The Motivators model groups six (6) core motivators (also called attitudes, drivers or values) found universally in all people on earth, which people can then use as a shared language (or set of terms) to better relate and communicate with each other, both at work and at home.


What is a Motivator? An attitude. A worldview. A lens through which we judge things. A strong emotional viewpoint. A core value. A driver. A passion.


Who Created Motivators?

spranger Despite their profound influence, there is surprisingly little literature on motivators (values) since the arrival of the field of psychology in the last 200 years. It wasn't until Eduard Spranger, a German psychologist, published the book "Types of Men" in 1928 that a basic framework was proposed.

Spranger observed that people viewed the world and their interactions through six different values, which he called “attitudes”. Based on their intensity, Spranger could determine what motivated a person. After extensive research, TTI Success Insights revised and updated Spranger's theory, which was developed into a psychometric assessment called the Motivators profile. White


the Theoretical The primary drivers with this value are the discovery of knowledge and appetite for learning. They are often not concerned with the application — simply its discovery. The Theoretical is often described as a person who can’t walk past a bookstore without walking in. Their chief aim in life is to order and systematise knowledge: knowledge for the sake of knowledge. White

uti Utilitarian The Utilitarian (or Economic) shows an interest in a return on investment and things that are useful. This value includes the practical affairs of the business world — the production, marketing and consumption of goods, the use of credit, and the accumulation of tangible wealth. This type of individual is thoroughly practical and conforms well to the stereotype of the average businessperson. A person with a high score is likely to have a high need to surpass others in wealth. White

aes Aesthetic This is a drive to experience beauty and harmony. People with high levels of Aesthetic tend to want to continually experience new things; new sights, landscapes, and interesting structures. Life may be regarded as a procession of events, and each is enjoyed for its own sake. A high score here does not necessarily mean that the individual has talents in creative artistry. It indicates a primary interest in the creativity and the artistic episodes of life. White

soc Social Those who score high in this value have an inherent love of people. The Social (or Altruistic) person prizes other people and therefore tends to be kind, sympathetic and unselfish. The Social attitude regards helping others as the only suitable form for human relationships. Research into this value indicates that in its purest form, the Social interest is selfless. Their ultimate goal is to eliminate hate and conflict in their world. White

ind Individualistic The primary interest for this value is power. Since competition and struggle play a large part in all areas of life, many philosophers have seen power as the most universal and most fundamental of motives. There are, however, certain persons in whom the desire for direct expression of this motive is uppermost; who wish, above all, for personal power, influence and renown. White

tra Traditional The highest interest for this value may be called "unity," "order," or "tradition". Individuals with high scores in this value seek a system for living. This system can be found in such things as conservatism or any authority that has defined rules, regulations and principles for living including political beliefs, company values, family values and religion. The Traditional seeks out the highest value in life.


Why Use Motivators? Motivators are the ‘lens’ through which we view the world, so this has a profound impact on relationships, teams, employee engagement and leadership. After all, as a leader, how do you inspire someone if you don’t know what motivates them?

For people to be more engaged, productive and satisfied in their personal and professional lives, they must understand their intrinsic motivators. By using the Motivators profile, people can tap into a deeper realisation of who they are. They will gain powerful insight into why they move into action and what really motivates them to achieve.

With the knowledge of values, we can encourage employees in a way that satisfies their inner drive. We can determine if their position will be rewarding, based on the values they hold. Think of the advantages in knowing what motivates an employee right from the start, rather than waiting for time to tell.

Once you are aware of the dominant motivators contributing to purpose and passion in your life, you will be able to clarify what drives your actions, as well as what causes conflict. Learning the Motivators model will help you:

Determine which attitudes drive your life, actions and decisions. Understand each attitude and how they interact with others. Recognise the driving forces in other people's lives. Understand others’ viewpoints and be able to dialogue convincingly by seeing the world through their eyes.


Key Benefits

The Motivators language is a simple and fun, yet powerful way to:

Engage, motivate and inspire others Become a better influencer Improve communication Build relationships Increase understanding of self and others Reduce conflict Build trust, cooperation and commitment


Common Uses

People throughout the world use the Motivators profile in a variety of different business applications, which include:

Management Training / Leadership Development Team Building / Team Effectiveness Communication Training Employee Engagement Change Management Cultural Alignment Resolving and Preventing Conflict Coaching / Mentoring Career Planning Induction Recruitment / Selection / Shortlisting Job Benchmarking



These assessments of the Motivational Insights® instrument utilise 38,314 responses. These responses were collected during 2010, 2011. These data contained responses from 57.8% males and 42.2% female. Results from these assessments indicate trustworthy reliability for all six scales with Cronbach’s a ranging from .7 to .8. Correlations among the six scales indicate that they are substantially independent as measurements. Scores on the scales are distributed across the scales leading to meaningful comparisons and interpretation. The Motivation Insights® instrument is a strong, reliable instrument applicable across a variety of populations. The continual quality improvement efforts anchors this instrument in the motivations, attitudes and values of the 21st century.

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Competitive Advantages of the TTI Success Insights Motivators Profile

We have chosen to work with TTISI Success Insights for over 20 years. TTISI is the world leader in online assessments with partners in 90 countries and over 100,000 companies using their assessments worldwide. We have examined many assessment providers in Australia in detail and have found that TTISI are superior in a number of areas, which are included below.

1. Independently Validated TTI Success Insights believe in having the most reliable and well-researched assessment tools available. In order to ensure this quality, they have all of their assessments validated by an objective third party. This means that their research and validation is conducted and singed off by an independent statistician. Ask your assessment provider if they conduct their validation studies externally, or whether they are done internally by their own staff.

2. Practical Business Focus Our profiles do not contain pages of technical mumbo jumbo — they are designed for time-conscious business people with practical workplace goals in mind. This means that as a recruiter, coach, trainer, or consultant, you will have useful information that can be applied to a broad range of workplaces. From coaching experienced senior managers to recruiting frontline sales staff, these tools are used in every type of profession in the world.

3. Easy to Debrief and Visually Appealing The profiles generated by the TTI Success Insights Suite are designed with simplicity in mind. This means that you don't have to be a Ph.D. in Psychology to interpret the results and create value for your participants. You'll benefit from sophisticated computer software, coupled with simple, easy to understand layout and wording.

4. Industry Leading Delivery Platform TTI Success Insights were the first assessment company in the world to develop a computer based DISC assessment and have led the industry ever since in computer delivered tools. Their patented Internet Delivery Service (IDS) is compliant with BBB EU Safe Harbor and other data protection industry standards. With advanced features — including Group Wheels, the ability to Compare Profiles and Export Data for research purposes — this means you have all the tools to support your organisational development goals.

5. Team Motivators Profile The TTI Success Insights Motivators profile is available in a team version so that multiple people’s profiles can be combined into a single profile to give a motivational snap shot of the whole team. This is particularly useful when working with managers and leaders to understand the make up of their teams.

6. Free Group Wheel Feature The TTI Success Insights Wheel is an industry-leading tool for visually representing an individual's motivators. The wheel is now available in a team version so that multiple people can be plotted on a single wheel. There is no extra charge for this — simply ask a DTS Consultant to help with creating a free group wheel.

7. Motivators Job Profile - Workplace Behaviours The TTI Success Insights Motivators profile is available as a job benchmarking tool. This allows you to profile a position in any company by completing a simple 10-minute questionnaire. This profile helps you understand the motivators that are most important to that job, which can then be used as an aid in the selection process.

8. Structured Debriefing Guide These documents have been designed to assist Motivators accredited professionals to debrief and provide feedback to their participants. The structured process leads you through each page of the profile step-by-step with activities and actions at each stage.

9. Multiple Languages The TTI Success Insights Suite is available in over 25 languages, with more being added every year. This means that a participant is able to answer the questionnaire in their native language and the profile can be produced in a completely different language. For example, if you're working with a Chinese participant, they can take the questionnaire in Chinese, but you can have the results delivered in English.

10. Up to 24 Pages in Length The TTI Success Insights Motivators profile has detailed feedback on the 6 motivators, including points on General Characteristics, Value to the Organisation, Keys to Managing and Motivating, Training, Professional Development and Learning Insights, and Continuous Quality Improvements.

11. Customisable Profile The Internet Delivery Service (IDS) gives you the ability to customise profiles by turning pages on and off, and even reordering pages. This means you can design the profile around your process, instead of designing your process around the profile.

12. Requires Accreditation As a global leader in the assessment tool industry, TTI Success Insights Motivators profiles require an international accreditation to use them. This means that we maintain a high level of professionalism and integrity around the assessment tools — you'll be well trained to use the assessments.

13. More Than Just Motivators The TTI Success Insights research team have recognised the importance of motivators in shaping our world-view, however, it has its limits. That's why our profiling suite is made up of 5 sciences: behaviour, values/motivators, EQ, personal skills, acumen, and TTISI continue to research additional areas. The advantage of this is that our tools are built by the same system, so they are designed to work together seamlessly. When your needs grow beyond Motivators, you don't need to visit another 3 different providers to get what you need.

14. No Adverse Impact (Legally Compliant) In order to comply with U.S. law, assessment tools must be accompanied with an adverse impact study. Essentially this means that they do not adversely impact any minority groups. In their commitment to excellent, the TTI Success Insights Motivators Assessment has an adverse impact study.

15. Leading Research and Development TTI Success Insights is committed to ongoing research and development of their tools. They invest over $500,000 every year towards research projects to ensure that their tools are industry leading. TTISI's data pool contains millions of individuals, collected over 28 years and the TTISI research team incorporates more than 90 years of business, academic and neurological experience. TTISI have an Applied Cognitive Research Lab, fully-equipped with an EEG machine to measure the electrical impulses that make up all brain activity. The research uses the EEG to study the brain activity as an individual’s behaviours, skills, attitudes and motivations are assessed.

16. Support Resources In order to ensure that you receive maximum value from your investment, our profiles come with comprehensive support materials including workbook pages, debriefing guides, facilitator’s manuals, research papers, introductory e-books, games and more. This means that you can hit the ground running in both understanding and applying these assessments.

17. Phone Support Our experts are only ever a phone call away (no extra charge). If you have questions or need some assistance in understanding or applying a participant's results, our team is ready to help. This means you will always have the support you need to facilitate a professional debrief, provide quality feedback, and help apply the profiles to each participant's unique situation.

18. Administrative Support Going beyond phone support, we also provide administrative support (no extra charge). This can include sending instructions and passwords to your participants, managing the incoming profiles, and assisting with any technical difficulties that participants might have. This means that your time is freed up to focus on what you do best.

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