Off With Their Heads! (a DISC Story)

Off With Their Heads! (a DISC Story)

Four knights were convicted of treason - an offence punishable by death in King Arthur's time. One was a high D, one a High I, one a high S and the other a High C. The four knights were sentenced to death by beheading. Being the showman King Arthur was, he had a special four person guillotine made for the public beheading of the four knights.

On the day of the execution a large crowd had gathered to witness this unprecedented event. The knights were all placed into position under the massive blade. The order was given. The blade came hurtling down and stopped inches from the four knights' necks. King Arthur sees this as a sign that the knights were innocent and grants them all pardons.

As the knights were released from the restraints the High D knight gets up angrily shouting 'I TOLD YOU ALL I WAS INNOCENT!' The High I knight gets to his feet and calls "Bring the wine and the wenches, tonight we celebrate!" The high S knight slowly gets up, looks at King Arthur, and says "It's ok my king, it's not your fault. Why don't you come over and have dinner with my family at my castle next week and we can talk about it." The high C gets to his feet and says calmly "I knew it would not work, look I can see the problem right here!"

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