Song Scramble (Icebreaker)

Song Scramble (Icebreaker)

This interactive activity is designed to have your participants work together as a group.

On the previous pages there are verses from 2 well known songs broken into one line sentences. These lines will be cut up into single pieces of paper with each verse, and the participants will be asked to put the lines from the song in order. (You will need to cut up the worksheet(s) before the training session).

Hand out a line of the song to each participant – if you have groups smaller than 12, some participants will get more than one line. Ask the groups to work together to work out: 1. The song title 2. The artist 3. The order the lines should be in

Once the group has re-ordered the lines to create the original verse, you can have them read or sing the song to the group.


Song 1: 1 song


Song 2: 2 song


Song 3: 3 song



Song 1: "Living on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi song 1 answer

Song 2: "Beautiful Day" by U2 song 2 answer

Song 3: "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen queen

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