The 6 Motivators Go to An Art Gallery

The 6 Motivators Go to An Art Gallery

Picture six friends at an art gallery, viewing "Starry Night" painted by Vincent Van Gogh.

6 Motivators Art Gallery

Each of the six are interested in the painting, but for different reasons.

Imagine if we could hear their thoughts...

the The circles moving from the moon are very interesting. I wonder, when was this was painted? Why did Van Gogh paint the circles that way? What materials did he use? What was his mental state? I want to learn all I can about this painting. White

uti How much is it worth? I've heard the price tag could be in the millions. I wonder how much Van Gogh got when he painted it? Why are other paintings not as valuable when compared to this one? White

aes What a beautiful work of art. Van Gogh was at the peak of his artistic expression. I want to own it and design an exquisite display in my living room. Look at the colours and the brush strokes. The painting seems to come alive; it speaks to me. White

soc Works of this magnitude should be shared with everyone. I will have to get everyone here in a photo with the painting so we can share it with our friends. White


I must own this painting. It is a significant work of art. With the addition of this work, my collection will be considered one of the most prized in the world. White

tra "Starry Night" reminds me of the divine in life. The moon and the stars speak of a grand design, causing us to look up and consider our place in the world. The moon and the stars dance together in a unity of expression, compelling us to move beyond ourselves and reach out to something or someone bigger than ourselves; a unifying force that holds it all together.



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