Value of Using More Than One Assessment

Value of Using More Than One Assessment

New research demonstrates the value of using multiple assessments to predict and identify entrepreneurs. TTI’s statistician uses multivariate analysis, which involves observations and analysis of more than one statistical variable at a time. Using this approach, TTI analyzed its database of serial entrepreneurs showing the following results:

If we only used DISC alone to identify serial entrepreneurs, we would be correct 62% of the time. If we only used motivators, we could correctly identify serial entrepreneurs 59% of the time. If we used both DISC and motivators, our accuracy goes up to over 80%. However, if we add soft skills into the equation, our success rate of picking serial entrepreneurs goes up to 92%.


Serial entrepreneurs have five unique soft skills in common: leadership, personal effectiveness, goal orientation, persuasion, and interpersonal skills.

This research proves that TTI’s approach to using multiple assessments to benchmark a job is much more effective than using just one assessment for selection like some other assessment companies advocate.

TTI will be conducting multivariate analysis on other unique groups, such as salespeople, leaders and entrepreneurial-minded engineers. Stay tuned for more research data.



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