Why the Obsession with Engagement

Why the Obsession with Engagement

Over the last 5-10 years, business leaders all over the world have suddenly become obsessed with this word “engagement”. Why is that? Well, remember from our earlier post “What is Employee Engagement?” we talked about engagement being a pledge of a person’s attention and effort to the overarching cause. This pledge, because it is a personal commitment, means that people give more fully of themselves and invest more of their energy into the work that they do.  

The research into engagement shows that this elusive state where people are more focused, committed and willing to go the extra mile, is a powerful business driver for success. While engagement is often considered a soft approach to business, it has been linked by many studies to very hard business metrics – like reduced wastage, increased revenue and greater profitability.  

Some of the things that engagement has been linked to include:

1. Greater Customer Satisfaction 2. Increased Creativity and Innovation 3. Superior Productivity 4. Reduced Turnover and Better Retention

4 Key Benefits of Engagement

With these more traditional business metrics on the table, perhaps this is why leaders of companies all over the world have embraced the idea of engagement.


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