Science of Self Accreditation Perth 17-18-19 September 2019 (3 Days)

Science of Self Accreditation Perth 17-18-19 September 2019 (3 Days)

Perth CBD

Why Attend the Science of Self Accreditation? There are literally hundreds of assessment tools out there to choose from, each with their own strengths and limitations. Some are complex and can be difficult to interpret without a Ph.D. Some only provide information about one small aspect of human personality, but the large majority have been designed by psychologists and are not practical or user-friendly enough to use with the average business person. The Science of Self Accreditation overcomes this challenge by providing 6 scientifically validated, industry leading tools, which have been designed by the same team of researchers. This means that the tools will fit together seamlessly — they are designed specifically for business in order to make it easy to understand the elements at the heart of team dynamics, communication, job-fit, and workplace performance.

These 6 tools will be invaluable if you work in any of the following areas:

Leadership Development Team Effectiveness / Communication Sales & Customer Service Employee Engagement Change Management Resolving and Preventing Conflict Coaching / Mentoring Induction Recruitment / Selection

In this unique accelerated certification, you will explore 3 core sciences of human performance across 3 days, which will take your consulting skills to the next level.

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About the Science of Self Accreditation:

Gain 3 Accreditations:

1. DISC Accreditation: DISC is a four (4) factor model that explains how we behave and communicate. It is one of the most applicable models in personal and organisational development. For this reason, DISC is one of the world's most popular assessment tools.

2. Workplace Motivators Accreditation: Go beyond the DISC assessment to truly understand "what makes people tick." The Motivators Model is backed by more than 25 years of research, uncovering 6 core elements that drive human behaviour.

3. TTI Emotional Quotient (EQ) Accreditation: Our Emotional Quotient Accreditation is internationally recognised and will equip you with the world's most practical and business-focussed set of emotional intelligence resources available.

Access 6 Tools:

1. DISC: The DISC report gives you not only an understanding of how you are perceived by others, but it also gives you a framework to understand behaviour, communication, style of working and reactions.

2. Workplace Motivators: By using the Workplace Motivators (WPMOT) assessment, people can tap into a deeper realisation of who they are. They will gain powerful insight into why they move into action and what really motivates them to achieve.

3. TTI Emotional Quotient: Highly developed Emotional Intelligence is becoming one of the most sought after traits in business. The TTI EQ provides a framework to understand and develop Emotional Intelligence.

4. Talent Insights: The DISC-Motivators combination (Talent Insights Assessment) is a powerful innovation that combines the simplicity of DISC with the insights of the Workplace Motivators. With this one tool you will be able to identify HOW people behave as well as WHY they move into action.

5. Behavioural Intelligence: Another powerful addition to our suite of tools is Behavioural Intelligence. This tool allows you to examine a person’s level of Emotional Intelligence (TTI EQ), as well as their behavioural style (DISC). With this information you can talk about specific Emotional Intelligence traits and how to apply them at a behavioural level.

6. TriMetrix EQ: The latest tool in our powerful suite combines DISC, Workplace Motivators and Emotional Quotient. This tool will measure HOW a person behaves and communicates, WHY they move into action and DO they have and use emotional intelligence.

What You Get: 6-in-1 Resources List

"I am very impressed by the amount and quality of the support material. Far superior to any post accreditation materials I have received." — Teresa, Corporate Wisdom

Don't Miss Out:

Science of Self Accreditation is put on regularly in Australian and New Zealand major cities. The investment for the program is $3750 plus GST. Call us today to find out if you qualify for the early bird discount for the Science of Self Accreditation.



”The holistic and in-depth insights this accreditation provides is so much more than you get from the DISC profile on its own. Can't wait to get stuck into it with our line managers." — Ashlea, Smartsalary

"Great resources, great support offered. Feel like we have got great value for money. Really well presented, interesting, fun, and yet plenty of substance." — Rachel, Piccolini

"Exceeded my expectations! Fantastic resources." — Carol, BDO Gisborne

"Great program. Well explained and practical application. Thank you." — Denise, Serco Sodexo Defence Services

"Very intuitive and provides great resources. Great course!" — Tim, Super Retail Group

"I've played around with behavioural profiles, but now understand so much more. Thank you for the great couple of days!" — Vicky, Accentuate Training

"Comprehensive, interesting, efficient and relevant. Good toolkit and thought-stimulating application possibilities. Thank you!" — Shobana, Specsavers