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Upskilling is important to advance and learn new skills, increase engagement and boost business productivity. Particularly in the context of digital transformation, an investment in human capital upskilling is more important than ever.

Behavioural skills are essential in a modern business and our focus area for initiatives, programs and workshops. IBM’s 2018 study showed that top skills sought in the technology sector were “behavioural skills - willingness to be flexible, agile, and adaptable to change and time management skills and ability to prioritise.”

Upskilling is as much a multi-step learning process as it is creating a culture of learning and growth (i.e. a learning organisation). Our work supports learning organisations with outcomes integrated into daily ways of working as well as multiple levels of learning.   

We operate from a custom-built studio for virtual sessions as well as in-person training facilities.

Popular initiatives, workshops and speaking engagements include:

  • Psychological Safety,
  • Organisational Culture,
  • Future of Work,
  • Behavioural Skills (team engagement, team communications, team triggers),
  • Customer Sales and Service,
  • Leadership and Change Management.

We respect that each team has a unique set of circumstances so we customise our sessions to meet the needs of those in the training room. 

The Future of Work

The events of 2020 propelled the future of work forward with remote working, automation and wide-scale organisational change dominating the business landscape. The very nature and definition of work started to...

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Organisational Development

Business transformation is an integral part of growth and survival. Even disruptors need to pivot at times to retain market share and credibility with investors. Learn more about organisational development...

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Psychometric Assessments

A valid, reliable and unbiased set of assessments provides an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of a person during selection, development and management. Our assessments are grounded in a scientific approach...

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