Organisational Diagnostics

Defining the problem and creating a human-centred solution

Steps to Define the Problem

Have you ever been part of an innovation program that was meant to deliver a breakthrough result only to find that it can’t be implemented, or worse, that it addressed the wrong problem? Or perhaps you’ve seen a project team travel down one path, only to realise that in hindsight, they should have gone down another?

Many organisations are not sufficiently rigorous in defining their problem or their drivers for developing new products, processes or services. It’s much harder (perhaps impossible) to effectively solve a problem that is not articulated well. 

Starting a project without the rigour required upfront leads organisations to waste resources, pursue paths that aren’t aligned to their vision and miss other opportunities in the meantime. 

We don’t want that to be the case when we work with you. Because this first step is so important, we follow a number of methods used for understanding organisational problems. An example of one method was originally defined by InnoCentive, the Open Innovation Marketplace. With this method, we help our clients by asking the right questions so that together we tackle the right problems.

The steps we follow are:

  • Establish the need for a solution (set of 3 questions)
  • Justify the need (set of 3 questions)
  • Contextualise the problem (set of 4 questions)
  • Write the problem statement (set of 7 questions)

From there, we are confident that we can design a human-centred solution that brings the results you are looking for to your business, customers and employees.

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