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Why Use DISC Profiling?

Because DISC “personality” profiling gives you not only an understanding of how you are perceived by others, but it also gives you a language (or set of terms) to discuss your behaviour, communication, style of working and reactions. It is the ultimate 'mirror on the wall' that explains what everyone else can see: the surface level of who you are - your behaviour.

DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance) is a complex model made simple by years of research and practice. It identifies behavioural styles that can open your eyes to improving your interactions with others. DISC profiling is used by an estimated 75% of the Fortune 500 because of what it delivers. It continues to be the most popular choice for professional development as well as recruitment and selection.

“DISC is the ultimate 'mirror on the wall' that explains what everyone else can see: the surface level of who you are - your behaviour.”

Considering DISC “Personality” Profiling for your Organisation?

If you are considering DISC profiling for your organisation, we would love to show you our assessments that include DISC that we have available at DTS International. This type of objective assessment help to determine job fit for candidates, provide tips and tricks for managers on their teams as well as provide a great model for personal development in the area of sales, service, communication, team building among others).

Choosing to test candidates and employees is something that most of the top companies throughout Australia, New Zealand and the world participate in and we can help you implement an assessment based talent management strategy, regardless of size.

DISC Profile Testing in Australia and New Zealand

As Australia's leading provider of DISC profiling tools, we have worked with many Organisational Development professionals to help them access the right tools to reach their organisational goals.

The Success Insights Suite is a powerful set of tools for selecting, developing and managing people to maximise their performance. To discover all of the tools in the suite click here.

What is the Theory?

The theory behind the DISC profile was developed by William Moulton Marston to categorise behaviour and emotions. Years later, the theory was shaped into the assessment that is used today.

Simply stated, DISC profiling measures how we behave and communicate. One of the most powerful things about DISC profiling is the fact that people identify with the report almost immediately! People instantly recognise themselves in the profile. The real value comes from using this information to understand how to adapt to be more effective.

"Simply stated, DISC measures how we behave and communicate!"

This model has four factors based on two intersecting axes. The vertical axis ranges from “task/goal” focused behaviours to “people/relationship” focused behaviours. The horizontal axis ranges from “reserved” (or "ask/listen") behaviours to "outgoing” (or "tell/talk") behaviours. With these two intersecting axis, four quadrants emerge:

Dominance (D) – How we deal with problems and challenges Influence (I) – How we deal with people and contacts Steadiness (S) – How we deal with the pace and consistency of the environment Compliance (C) – How we deal with procedures and constraints

"The most powerful thing about DISC is its simplicity."

We all have some degree of each of the four behavioural styles (i.e. we are not just one type/style). Whether an individual measures "high" or "low" on the D, I, S or C spectrum, the behaviours are still visible and recognisable on the surface. Most people have two dominant styles; however any combination is possible.

How to get DISC Profiles

As the Australasian Master Distributor for the TTI Success Insights Suite of assessments, DTS is proud to offer access to our patented Internet Delivery System (IDS). This web-based system allows you to produce and manage all the DISC profiles for your organisation from any device, anywhere, anytime.

"With our Internet Delivery System, produce and manage your DISC profiles from any device, anywhere, anytime."

Different versions of the report are available to suit varying needs and roles. To see some examples, check out the "Downloads" section on the right panel.

Not sure which profile is right for your needs? Our expert team is always on hand to help you choose the most appropriate profiles and provide suggestions on how to use them!

Get DISC Accreditated

Become TTI Success Insights DISC Certified by attending our DISC Accreditation. The DISC Accreditation provides the knowledge, resources and support you need to effectively apply the model in your organisation. We have over 30 years’ experience in researching and applying it and accrediting thousands of professionals around the country.

Or discover the power of multiple accreditations by booking our Science of Self Accreditation.

Why DISC is NOT a Personality Test

A DISC profile is one of the world’s most popular and well-known assessment tools, taken by millions of people every year. Strictly speaking the DISC profile is not a personality test or a 'complete personality profile' as some practitioners have claimed. In order to be considered a personality test it would need to include our values, beliefs, attitudes, emotions, thinking preferences, temperament and all the other things that create our unique personality.

The DISC profile only looks at a small component of personality. It only measures behaviour, that is, the four common ways that people tend to act and communicate, which has been validated by more than 50 years of research. Calling the DISC profile a 'personality test' can be misleading as there is a great deal to an individual's personality beyond the scope of this system, and the term 'test' implies you will pass or fail, which is not the case with the DISC profile.

Combo and Other Assessments

The Success Insights Suite includes specially-designed combinations of tools that complement and build on one another, giving you the ability to blend across different aspects of human interactions in your line of work.

With a combination of assessments, you will be better prepared for different organisational challenges, have an integrated knowledge of unique human differences and enjoy the maximum benefit of your investment.

Check our TriMetrix, Behaviour Motivators Combo and Behavioural Intelligence models for a more complete view.

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The DISC assessment involves taking a quiet 10 minute questionnaire online. Once complete, respondents will receive up to a 24-page, personalised report on their behavioural style with tips on how to be more effective when working with others. Try one for yourself today!

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