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Why Use TriMetrix?

Because the TriMetrix system delivers a more in-depth analysis of a person than any other single assessment available on the market. It is the most sophisticated selection, development and management tool in the world. This is the report that we recommend first and foremost because it offers the best return on your investment of both time and money.

The TriMetrix aligns a person to his natural talents, motivations and behaviours, thereby enabling an organisation to benchmark a job, select the right person for the right role, coach and develop staff and establish a succession plan. The multiple uses of the report allow people to continue to use the results throughout their career, making it the best investment an organisation can make.

“This is the report that we recommend first and foremost because it offers the best return on your investment of both time and money.”

What is TriMetrix?

The TriMetrix system was developed by Target Training International (TTI). Building on over 30 years of research and development in the field of human and organisational performance, TTI brought together the work of Robert Hartman (Hartman Value Profile), Eduard Spranger (Workplace Motivators) and William Marston (DISC) among others to create this powerful assessment. At its core, the TriMetrix is a three part tool that combines:

The DISC model of human behaviour The Workplace Motivators The Personal Talent Skills Inventory (or Hartman Value Profile)

By combining these three instruments, we can accurately predict the performance of individuals in any role. TriMetrix examines very closely:

WHAT “raw materials” or thinking talents people have at their disposal. WHY they will move into action and use them; and HOW these actions will be displayed on the surface.

Our unique blend of these attributes give us our individuality. They all work together to create our individual strengths and limitations. By increasing our understanding of people’s strengths and limitations, you are able to create an environment that promotes understanding, commitment, cooperation and collaboration.

"With TriMetrix, you can predict performance in any role."

With the combined knowledge of the personal talents a person has, why they move into action and how actions are displayed on the surface, we are able to make more informed hiring decisions, better develop people's potential and more effectively manage groups to a collective goal. By combining more than one view of a person, you achieve a more complete picture.

TriMetrix Profiles

As the Australasian Master Distributor for the TTI Success Insights Suite of assessments, DTS is proud to offer access to our patented Internet Delivery System (IDS). This web-based system allows you to produce and manage all the TriMetrix profiles for your organisation from any device, anywhere, anytime.

"With our Internet Delivery System, produce and manage your DISC profiles from any device, anywhere, anytime."

Different versions of the TriMetrix report are available to suit varying needs and roles. To see some examples, check out the "Downloads" section on the right panel.

Not sure which profile is right for your needs? Our expert team is always on hand to help you choose the most appropriate profiles and provide suggestions on how to use them!

Get TriMetrix Certified

Become a TriMetrix Professional by attending our TriMetrix Certification. With such a robust and comprehensive tool, we have developed three distinct levels of certification to give you the necessary knowledge, resources and support to effectively apply TriMetrix.

Discover how you too can be accredited in this powerful assessment on the TriMetrix Certification page.

Combo and Other Assessments

TriMetrix is the most powerful of a the combination assessments available at DTS; however, with any of the combinations, you will be prepared for different organisational challenges, have an integrated knowledge of unique human differences and enjoy the maximum benefit of your investment. This approach follows our Layers of Performance Model.

Check out our other combo assessments, including DISC-Motivators Combo and Behavioural Intelligence.

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