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Why Use Workplace Motivators?

Because for people to be more engaged, productive and satisfied in their personal and professional lives, they must understand their intrinsic motivators and drivers. By using the Workplace Motivators (WPMOT) assessment, people can tap into a deeper realisation of who they are. They will gain powerful insight into why they move into action and what really motivates them to achieve.

Go beyond an understanding of your behaviours and discover why you do what you do; this deeper awareness will help you to better articulate your passion and reach your potential.

“Go beyond an understanding of your behaviours and discover why you do what you do.”

What is Workplace Motivators?

The WPMOT theory was developed by Eduard Spranger, who observed that people viewed the world and their interactions through six different “attitudes”. Based on the intensity of the "attitudes", Spranger could determine what motivated and drove a person into action. After extensive research, the WPMOT assessment was developed based on Spranger's theory.

Our attitudes reflect our values, which shape the way we see the world - they are a viewpoint, a mindset or a way of valuing life. As a result, these values motivate us to take action. Therefore, the WPMOT explains why we move into action as well as what motivates us to achieve, sell, manage, connect with customers and more.

"Our attitudes reflect our values, which shape the way we see the world. "

The six motivators that the WPMOT instrument measures are: Theoretical: a drive to understand and systemise the truth. Utilitarian: a drive to get a return on time, money and resources. Aesthetic: a drive for beauty, form and harmony. Social: a drive to eliminate hate and conflict. Individualistic: a drive to lead and be different. Traditional: a drive to a achieve a higher purpose.

Once you are aware of the dominant motivators contributing passion and purpose to your life, you will be able to clarify what drives your actions, as well as what causes conflict.

Workplace Motivators Profiles

As the Australasian Master Distributor for the TTI Success Insights Suite of assessments, DTS is proud to offer access to our patented Internet Delivery System (IDS). This web-based system allows you to produce and manage all the WPMOT profiles for your organisation from any device, anywhere, anytime.

"With our Internet Delivery System, produce and manage your WPMOT profiles from any device, anywhere, anytime."

Different versions of the WPMOT report are available to suit varying needs and roles. To see some examples, check out the "Downloads" section on the right panel.

Not sure which profile is right for your needs? Our expert team is always on hand to help you choose the most appropriate profiles and provide suggestions on how to use them!

Get Workplace Motivators Accreditated

Become TTI Success Insights Motivators Certified by attending our Workplace Motivators Accreditation. Our WPMOT Accreditation provides the knowledge, resources and support you need to effectively apply the WPMOT model in your organisation. . You will receive over 200 workbook pages, 150 PowerPoint slides and a full Facilitator's Guide to use in your own WPMOT based initiatives.

Or discover the power of multiple accreditations by booking our Science of Self Accreditation.

Combo and Other Assessments

The Success Insights Suite includes specially-designed combinations of tools that complement and build on one another, giving you the ability to blend across different aspects of human interactions in your line of work.

With a combination of assessments, you will be better prepared for different organisational challenges, have an integrated knowledge of unique human differences and enjoy the maximum benefit of your investment.

Check our TriMetrix, Behaviour Motivators Combo and Behavioural Intelligence models for a more complete view.

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The WPMOT Assessment involves taking a simple 10 minute questionnaire online. Once completed, respondents will receive up to a 20-page, personalised report on their motivators, drivers and how to be more effective when working with others. Try one for yourself today!

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