How to Create and Deliver Dynamic Presentations

How to Create & Deliver Dynamic Presentations

Why Attend Create and Deliver Dynamic Presentations?

Because this workshop teaches participants to get their message across clearly and professionally.

Boring presentations are costing businesses thousands of dollars in non-utilised time. It is important as a manager or salesperson that you understand how to create powerful presentations and deliver your message in a compelling and persuasive way.

Doug Malouf is known around the world for his unique presentations that get results. He was recently inducted into the National Speakers Hall of Fame for his contribution to professional speaking. Doug has delivered over 2,500 corporate presentations, and there are more than 300,000 people worldwide using his ideas. Doug has authored 9 internationally published books, including the best selling How to Create and Deliver a Dynamic Presentation. This book is the basis for the program. His other titles focus on communication, presentations and customer service.

“Create powerful presentations and deliver your message in a compelling and persuasive way.”

What is the Create and Deliver Workshop?

A potential client will judge whether a pitch is credible or not by a salesperson's presentation. Speaking well in front of others allows a presenter to effectively share their message and obtain an objective quickly.

In this workshop you will learn: The Five Characteristics of Great Presenters How to Control Your Nerves and Fears Our Unique Apple Tree Approach to Prepare Presentations on the Run The 10 Most Common Mistakes Presenters Make How to Turn Boring Presentations into Exciting Events How to Respond to Your Audience How to Sell Your Message

This interactive workshop develops presentation skills. With improved delivery, your presentations will come to life, and more importantly your audience will leave informed, enthused and motivated.

Who Should Attend the Create and Deliver Workshop

This workshop’s principles translate to all aspects of business and personal presentations. The program can assist novices to seasoned professionals. The people that will benefit include: Business Owners Managers Team Leaders Salespeople Customer Service Agents

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