How to Kiss and Keep Your Customers

How to Kiss & Keep Your Customers

Why Attend How to Kiss and Keep Your Customers?

Because great customer service can make or break an organisation. You can have a great office, fantastic product and an awesome sales force, but without a great customer service team, your customers will not come back. Walt Disney once said “you must do what you do so well that when people come back they bring their friends.” This workshop is about making sure your customers want to come back.

Doug Malouf is known around the world for his unique presentations that get results. He was recently inducted into the National Speakers Hall of Fame for his contribution to professional speaking. Doug has delivered over 2,500 corporate presentations, and there are more than 300,000 people worldwide using his ideas. Doug has authored 9 internationally published books, including the best selling How to Kiss and Keep Your Customers. This book is the basis for this program. His other titles focus on communication, presentation and customer service.

“Without a great customer service team, your customers will not come back. ”

What is the Kiss and Keep Workshop?

Good customer service staff are often the reason clients return time and time again. Conversely, just one poor customer service experience can end a relationship with a client instantly. This workshop shows participants how to make sure clients keep coming back.

In this workshop you will learn: The Power of Internal and External Customer Service The Seven Steps for Outstanding Customer Service The Five Quick Ways to Build Rapport How to Deliver Customer Service that Will Beat the Competition Every Time Building a Client for Life Through after Sales Service

This interactive workshop has been designed to develop customer service skills to make sure that your frontline staff are making the right impression on your customer.

Who Should Attend the Kiss and Keep Workshop?

This workshop’s principles translate to all aspects of business and personal life. The program can assist novices to seasoned professionals. The people that will benefit include: Business Owners Managers Salespeople Customer Service Agents Frontline Staff Team Leaders

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