How To Sell Stacks & Stacks of Anything

How to Sell Stacks & Stacks of Anything

Why Attend How to Sell Stacks and Stacks of Anything

Because as professional selling has become more prevalent, the basics of the sales process have been lost in complex techniques and formulas. This program gets your sales team focused on making the basics of sales work for them. In this course we focus on the basic structure of the sales cycle.

Doug Malouf is known around the world for his unique presentations that get results. He was recently inducted into the National Speakers Hall of Fame for his contribution to professional speaking. Doug has delivered over 2,500 corporate presentations, and there are more than 300,000 people worldwide using his ideas. Doug has authored 9 internationally published books, including the best selling How to Sell Stacks and Stacks of Anything. This book is the basis for the program. His other titles focus on communication, presentations and customer service.

“This program gets your sales team focused on making the basics of sales work for them.”

What is the Stacks and Stacks Workshop?

Getting a sales team focused on the basics is one of the keys to success in selling. Having a solid understanding of the basic steps through the sales cycle ensures that your sales force has the foundation for success.

In this workshop you will learn: A 9 step Systematic Approach to Increasing Sales The Secret to Getting Organised The Power of Rapport What’s Hot and What’s Not in Prospecting Exploring Your Clients' Real Needs Three Powerful Presentation Tips Why Objects are a Part of the Sales Process How to Test Your Client's Understanding How to Close the Sale and Open a Business Relationship

This interactive workshop develops sales skills. With an increased understanding and performance of the steps in the sales cycle, your sales force will be closing more business quickly.

Who Should Attend the Stacks and Stacks Workshop?

Anyone who sells a service or a product and wants to improve their skills. The program can assist novices to seasoned professionals. The people that will benefit include: Business Owners Managers Salespeople Customer Service Agents

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