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Position Benchmarking

Why Position Benchmarking?

Because Position Benchmarking is the best way to match the natural talents of your staff to the requirements of a job position. A strong match between the two is statistically linked to top level performance, increased staff engagement and satisfaction, as well as greater potential for profit.

Simply recruiting talented people is not enough; it is critical that people are assigned to the specific role where their talents can have the greatest impact on achieving company goals, and where the person will feel fulfilled and energised.

Position Benchmarking is used to select, develop and manage people to new levels of performance by identifying the attributes for superior performance in a role.

“The results of Position Benchmarking are linked to top level performance, increased staff engagement and satisfaction, as well as greater potential for profit.”

What is Position Benchmarking?

Our patented Position Benchmarking process uses research based, state-of-the-art tools that allow "the job to speak for itself" and tell us what it needs for superior performance.

With this process you will be able to accurately measure:

What personal attributes are required for success, The job's intrinsic rewards and motivators, The competency mastery vital for the job, and The behaviours necessary to perform at peak levels.

The Position Benchmarking process provides a map for selecting, developing and managing superior performers.

"Let the job 'speak for itself' so it can tell us what it needs for superior performance."

With this information, leaders in organisations are better equipped to measure the requirements of a job from a number of levels: the behaviours, motivators, competencies and personal talents of an individual.

How Does Position Benchmarking Help?

Position Benchmarking helps in three main areas:

Selection The importance of selecting the right people is widely researched and discussed in the industry. Position Benchmarking provides a framework for comparing candidates when making hiring decisions. With a Benchmark in hand, hiring managers make more informed decisions as to the "fit" a person has with the position.

Development With a benchmark for each role in your organisation, you will be able to compare your current team members' overall skill set and assess any gaps. This allows you to build specific development plans for each individual and maximise your investment in developing the soft skills of your people.

Management With a Position Benchmark, managers and leaders can understand the unique differences of each of their team members. This will help managers to adapt the requirements of a job, or adapt the learning and development plan for each person. By making minor adjustments, the manager can better leverage the natural talents of that individual while also increasing their job satisfaction.

"A Position Benchmark leads to better hiring decisions, more targeted professional development and better management of people."

Position Benchmarking is designed to match people to the job that requires their unique strengths. By putting a person in the right job, you are following a winning formula used by the world's most profitable companies.

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