Let Doug Malouf guide you in your speaking/training career

Speaker & Trainer Coaching

Why Speaker/Trainer Coaching?

Because in order to be a true master presenter, you must learn from the best. Few people know the speaking business like Doug Malouf. He has delivered over 2,500 corporate presentations, written 9 internationally published books and recorded more than 20 audio and video training packages. He has worked with some of the top speakers in Australia and around the world, guiding them to the success they enjoy today.

As a part of the DTS Speaker/Trainer Coaching program, Doug will be your personal guide to develop your speaking skills. Doug and his team have worked with many speakers and trainers to enhance their skills and create a lasting impact for their participants.

“To be a true master presenter, you must learn from the best. Enjoy the success experienced by other speakers who have worked with Doug Malouf!”

What is Speaker/Trainer Coaching?

The Speaker/Trainer Coaching program is a structured approach to building your skills as a speaker and trainer. As a part of the program, you will receive personal instruction from Doug Malouf and his team.

The package focuses on developing four core elements of your speaking:

1. Your Script and Platform Skills - We work with you to determine your unique style and how to use it on stage. We assist you in crafting and delivering your message with power.

2. Your Presentation and Materials - These sessions focus on how to package up your presentation with the right visuals and handout materials to achieve maximum impact with your audience.

3. Your Performance - Once you have a great message and service offering, you will continue to improve your delivery. Working with a professional actor, you will discover how to unlock the power of your voice and body when presenting.

4. Your Marketing - This fourth component of this package is focused on the marketing and products for professional speakers and trainers. In these sessions, we work with you to craft your marketing message and back it up with products.

The Speaker/Trainer Coaching program will help you develop your speaking and training skills so you will be more effective when infront of a group.

Who Will Benefit?

Our Speaker/Trainer Coaching program is designed for different groups. These include:

Professional Trainers and Coaches - We work with many professional coaches, trainers, speakers and consultants to hone their platform skills so they can deliver better results for their customers. We have helped the novice get started and the seasoned professional take their skills to the next level.

Internal Trainers and L&D Professionals - We work with a number of internal trainers to strengthen their platform skills. These have included subject matter experts that have been given a training role or L&D professionals who want to improve their delivery skills.

Business Leaders - We work with several business leaders and professionals who want to improve presentation skills.

The Speaker/Trainer Coaching program is customisable to suit your needs.

How Does Speaker/Trainer Coaching Work?

The Speaker/Trainer Coaching program is customised to your needs and outcomes. There are a number of stages involved in the program, and it is designed to be very practical. We usually work with a person on a particular presentation and help that person to redesign and rework the delivery for maximum impact. During the course of this redesign, we impart the principles behind the changes.

Unlock your potential as a speaker or trainer with a professional guide and mentor.

The stages of the program are as follows:

Initial Meeting to Discuss and Design Program DTS Review of Your Current Material DTS Assessment of Your Platform Skills Design a Customised Coaching Program Facilitate Coaching Sessions

The Speaker/Trainer Coaching program is facilitated over a series of sessions (usually between 12-16 weeks) depending on your needs. The sessions are run face to face and usually run around 2-3 hours each.

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Need Help?

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